What would you do with more courage?

Are you wondering how to muster your courage on any given day? If you like to learn how other people make it through challenging times, learning to trust in themselves, other people, and find their purpose, our books just might be for you (or someone you know).

Creative Courage Press is a brand-new independent publishing company founded in 2020 by Shelly L. Francis, inspired by the people she met while writing The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity. Now, in collaboration with others authors, we are creating courage for the complexity of being human.

Get to know the essential voices of our remarkable authors and their refreshing ideas for leading change from the heart. Together we hope to generate meaningful conversations in our communities. As we grow, you are invited to grow with us.

Are you are an aspiring author, writing or hoping to write a nonfiction book? Are you stuck or overwhelmed, plus wondering how to get your book into print and into readers’ hands? Maybe whole-author coaching is the mentoring you and your creative courage need.

Our debut year launches with Resilient Threads: Weaving Joy and Meaning into Well-Being. It’s a wonderful, important book by Mukta Panda, M.D., who was featured in The Courage Way, chapter six, Care of True Self.