Whole-Author Coaching

Author Companioning, Developmental Editing, or Book Midwifery are other words you could use for Author Coaching. Publishing is just one aspect of what happens when you work with me, Shelly Francis, here at Creative Courage Press.

I believe in supporting “the whole author”, which includes

  • the writer who writes the book (who is also living the questions of the book),
  • the author who will engage readers in the finished book, and
  • the publishing partner who is committed to understanding the business of producing and distributing books.
I’ll be your companion as you grow your idea and prepare to shine your messages’s light in the world.

Shelly is an experienced and knowledgeable Author Coach, and in addition she is highly committed to her clients and their success. She listens deeply to what is said and unspoken and makes connections that are often hard to see when it’s your life story. As an author herself twice, she understands the ups and downs, the learning and discipline that are involved, and the daily courage it takes to put your voice into the world!

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How would you like to ensure your message reaches and serves as many people as possible? What would feel true to who you are? What might stretch you? What will fortify you? Are you equipped with clear expectations about ROI, including your return on integrity (not only your financial investment)?

As I’m sure you can imagine, I tend to talk from the perspective of “creative courage” with all the paradoxes like brave and safe, gifts and challenges, shadow and light, speaking and listening. My work as a publisher and author coach/companion/mentor is about amplifying “voice and agency” of people with remarkable and relevant ideas. To me, “voice and agency” is code word for courage. What would you do with more courage? How do you encourage your readers?

Check out the newest offering, a 10-week writing group: Creative Courage for Authors in Progress. Our next Tuesday day-session tentatively will reopen in 2024.

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The big picture of being an author is as important as the details of your story. Developing a marketable and meaningful book is another goal. If “marketing” makes you feel sick to your stomach, reframe this as how to reach the many people who need your hard-won wisdom, and in a way that feels aligned with who you truly are. Marketable also means title, subtitle, cover design ideas, and your long-range plans for interacting with readers. I can advise &/or collaborate on publishing and launch.

It’s a broad menu for Whole-Author Coaching. I’d be happy to have an initial conversation to meet you, hear about your work, and share more details. Contact me here.

If you have a query about manuscript submissions, please read this page first.