Author Clarity Calls

Do you have a book in you, or somewhat written, and wonder what it takes to become a published author? Are you wondering how to even start writing your book, whether memoir or nonfiction or another genre?

You could go full DIY and take the self-publishing route, hire parts of it out, or work with a hybrid publisher like Creative Courage Press, or aim to get a contract with a traditional publisher. There are pros and cons to consider, based on your unique life circumstances. But where and how to publish is just one aspect of becoming an author, a whole author.

Author Clarity Calls with Shelly Francis are meant to give you customized insights into what would bring your the best ROI, not only in terms of your time and finances but your Return on Integrity. How do you want to bring your ideas to fruition, in alignment with who you are deep down? What is the message you most want to write about and share with readers? Who are they, by the way? What would be YOUR best path to publishing that would bring you joy, and would best serve your work in the world.

We can also discuss your manuscript, whether you’re needing support with writing, developmental or fine-tune editing, book proposals, and so on. Often, getting from your heart and head to words on a page is what takes the most courage and support. Ask about our 10-week online writing retreat and get on the waitlist for early 2024.

As explored more fully with whole-author coaching, it’s vital to consider yourself as the writer who writes the book, the author who engages with readers, and the publishing partner who understands the processes of being developed, discovered, and distributed successfully.

What you get:

  • 60 minutes to share your vision, challenges and questions
  • Active listening and open, honest questions to hear your own inner-author’s responses
  • Talking about what’s in your wheelhouse now and what you may need to develop
  • Overview of the realities of publishing choices to begin to understand your options
  • Clarity on next steps based on where you are in your process
  • Followup email with links to resources tailored for you

This is not a sales call resulting in a pressured pitch to become a client. It is a taste of how it could be to work together over time, but more importantly is a conversation that captures a snapshot in time about your authoring questions and goals. The Clarity Call gives you a helpful reality check and sense of possibilities so you can gauge where you have energy to move forward, in your own way and time.

Rate: $175

Contact Shelly to schedule a Zoom or phone call.