Creative Courage Press represents a collaboration of remarkable authors with refreshing ideas. We are creating courage for the complexity of being human. As 2020 begins, we begin by introducing you to the authors with books in the field. As our next authors are ready, we’ll add them too.

Mukta Panda

Author of Resilient Threads

an award-winning physician, speaker, and facilitator whose work seeks to transform the heart of patient care and medical education. Read more…

Shelly Francis

Author of The Courage Way

founder of Creative Courage Press, with more books in progress, including two tentatively titled The Reframe Game and RE: The Elephants. Read more…

Our mini mascot, Elle


Mini Mascot & Rejoicer

Elle’s job is to bring a smile to our faces and remind us to reflect on micro-moments of joy and wonder in the world. Books to come. For now, follow her on Shelly’s Instagram page.

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