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It takes courage to


Supposing you believed that your best source of advice comes from within? Not just advice, but creative courage for/from your wise Inner Artist? You’ve likely seen rigid art manikins posing on shelves. Have you seen this scarf-clad Emotikin living life fully? It’s the Inner Artist personified. Go with us and within to explore magical inner landscapes.
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You’ve seen my Emotikin ( aka, Inner Artist) for years lurking about my social media and Well, it’s finally time to put the fun in your pocket! While a printed card deck is ready and waiting as print on demand, it will need a big ole print run to bring down the cost. We’ll do a Kickstarter campaign in 2024 so stay tuned. 

But wait!! Supposing you could play now?

Enter Deckible, an amazing new app by Nick Kellet that puts all these cards (and 500+ decks) on your phone or tablet, like Audible for oracle card decks. You can pick different spreads, like one card or many and then share them with your community. You can journal and see your card-draws over time, set a timer to meditate, and so much more. It’s an app for creating a daily practice for personal growth. I think you’re gonna love it!

About the Author/Illustrator

Shelly L. Francis is an author and author coach, speaker, and metaphortographer, who created her first Emotikin in 2003. She’d forgotten how to play and feel carefree, but the Emotikin brought her back to life. Together they began enjoying photoshoots and blogging for soul sustenance and fun, and are now happy to share Emotikin cards and books (the first is debuting in 2023 called Eleven Brave Pinecones). Author of The Courage Way and Damocles’ Wife, she is now publisher at Creative Courage Press in Colorado, where she is collaborating with other authors to create more courage for the complexity of being human. See Read more…

About the Card Deck

Supposing: Reflections for Accessing Your Wise Inner Artist

Supposing you believed that your best advice comes from within? Not just advice but creative courage for/from your wise Inner Artist. You’ve likely seen rigid art manikins posing on shelves. Have you ever seen this scarf-clad Emotikin living life fully? It’s the Inner Artist personified. Go with us and within to explore magical inner landscapes from seashore to mountains and regular places too. These genuine photographs will transport you into soulful encounters with nature and serendipity. A few questions posed on each card point you toward imagining new possibilities. You also get an -ing word for living into the answers, as Rilke once told a young poet. Diving deep into the heart of your creativity has never been so curiously delightful!

** When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image. **

Thanks for playing! Be sure to check out the Guidebook, swiping to see all 7 pages, including the origin Story of a Life Before Fully Living and Care of Your Own Emotikin.


WONDERING. Hold a current concern in your heart as you shuffle the cards until you feel yourself settling, ready. You could pose questions to yourself, such as “Supposing I knew where to focus today? What does my inner artist most want me to know?”

SHUFFLING. Then draw one card or more. With Deckible, you shufffle and select whatever kind of card spread you’d like. You even have various spreads to choose from.

PAUSING. Sit with the image, entering into the scene yourself.  What do you notice? What makes you say so? What else do you see? What do you sense in your body?

-ING. Word-playing invites a nuanced way of being, perhaps more than doing. Verb-ing is a concept first inspired by Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) and David Kopacz, MD, in their book, Becoming Medicine. Then an old dictionary showed me that -ing can indicate the art and practice of something. Feel the difference between, say, suppose and supposing. One is a label, the other you’re in motion. We creatives can often get stuck. Supposing you could be unleashing your creativity instead?

REFLECTING. Supposing you live into those questions throughout your whole day (week?) until you find yourself living into the answers, as Rilke once told a young poet. Over time, you’ll hone your instincts for reflecting by asking yourself (and others) open, honest questions whose answers you can’t possibly predict. That’s how you access your own inner wisdom. It’s great to pose your own questions, too.

MEDITATING. In Deckible, you can set a timer in the app for how long you’d like to meditate on the card(s).

JOURNALING.  Add journaling with each card’s invitation to hear more for/from your Inner Artist. Remember that supposing also means “What if?” or “Be curious.”

Trust yourself and your wise Inner Artist. All you need to be creative is already inside you. Enjoy!!


  • Daily personal growth reflections and journaling, listening to your soul’s inner promptings
  • Experiencing your playful side by putting yourself in the picture
  • Learning the art of posing and/or receiving open, honest questions. That’s a reflective practice skill taught in the Circle of Trust® approach from the Center for Courage & Renewal (which Shelly wrote about in The Courage Way book).
  • Creative writing prompts to hone impromptu storytelling and imagining
  • With a group for team-building
  • In a retreat where you use these cards for journaling prompts, sharing in dyads or triads, then large-group sharing.
  • At a dinner party, where guests pick a card for table-talk sharing.

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