Finding Your Center in the Hurricane of Uncertainty

What happens when you wake up feeling overwhelmed by the day before it even begins? Some Mondays are like that. Some days are like that. It’s hard to get back to your heart and inner knowing that all shall be well.

How do you return to the calm in your center? I’ve been pondering spirals lately. The spirals of Moon snails. Of garden snails. Of spirals that show up in the foamy eddies of rivers and sea.

Today, because a friend asked, I looked for a metaphor. And then I saw it in the calm gathering center within the hazelnut chocolate swirls of my microscopic mocha hurricane. Right there next to my kitchen sink. Add the right music and voila!

Suddenly my creative play jump-started my day. It was more than the coffee caffeine. It was sharing something deeper, not any answers but a question that mattered.

When seen with imagination, all things shift toward meaning, revealing energies that are hidden within appearances, releasing the inner wings of spirit and opening wide the doors to healing and wholeness. – Michael Meade 

What's the message in the slow spiral of a garden snail?
What’s the message in the slow spiral of a garden snail?

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