The Courage to Write

A 90-minute workshop at The Examined Life Conference, University of Iowa.
October 21 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm CDT. Get details and register here, ala carte for $15 or register for the entire conference.
With Sarah Averill MD and Shelly Francis

Do you yearn to give voice to what gives you meaning and purpose, but feel shy, stymied or struggle to get started? Experience how supportive feedback, active listening, “third things” for meaningful reflection, and the art of questioning can invite your inner artist to emerge.

Befriending Uncertainty

Find Your Flow on the Möbius Strip of Your Life

a 4-week Retreat (or a Weekend Option) in February 2022
with Mukta Panda MD, author of Resilient Threads & Shelly Francis, author of The Courage Way

Details to come…stay tuned.

10-Week Writing Group

Creative Courage for Authors-in-Progress. Get details here.

A slide show - Do you have a book in you?
Get details here…